About Vitta

VittaJoy is a designer/artist who harvests inspiration from the interplay of beauty, spontaneous invention and dreams. Not raised as shepherd or farmer in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Vitta longed for more intimacy with the land. This may have contributed to her and her brothers’ extensive rock and sea shell collections. By her early twenties, she was traveling the world, watching the cycles of the moon and meditating on the wilderness of life. Her thirties brought an increasing awareness of the clouds and her own elemental nature. Patterns in land and skyscapes, weather shifts and internal mood changes all offer lessons and the experience of being touched by simplicity. Just as different lands have distinct feelings, different stones carry unique frequencies, too.

Making her home in Sausalito, CA, Vitta now brings her uniquely hand crafted pieces to a wider appreciation. Weaving humanity and jewelry: Vibrant nut or polished rock beads make the fingers nimble with prayer on the meditation mala, crimson coral and lustrous pearl tucked into black hair like a tiny sculpture garden, many rows of hand-carved green jade that accompany it’s wearer into the afterlife, fabric, glass, strings, or bone wrapped with cured hide, or a simple 22k gold ring with the words sempre amore etched onto the inner band.... Diverse yet consistent, jewelry has multi-layered purposes and meanings.

Victoria Joy